The garden story is a human story. “It’s the story that holds life. Tell the stories and the
rest will take care of itself,” writes Bob Dotson.

I am passionate about all things garden because in the big design, in nearly every
culture on earth, gardens are human-perfect places; in the small scale, we are attached
to our own pieces of green which we know are part of the bigger “plot.”
In this first blog, I introduce my work–first as a garden designer, but also as a creator, a
writer and a storyteller, in picture and word.

I learned both my love for the garden and for words from my mother, a college
professor. I will refer to her here and there as “Dr. J.” My undergraduate degree is
literature, and I also studied dance; my professional degree is Landscape Design.
While these degrees are different, the elements of writing, dance and garden design are
the same: where I learned to compose with words, I now compose with plants; where
once I learned motion across a stage, now I design for how a breeze might blow across
a planted border. There are also elements of plot, theme, metaphor and symbol. There
are rhythm and pattern. Emphasis and punctuation.

But where I think the garden is different, is that it grows. It is never the same. Not any
day, not even the same day the next year. To witness and participate in this is growth for
us–our garden as a special place, to garden as action, a gardener as identity.
I invite you to open the gate and grow your garden with me….

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