About Green Jean Gardens
I’m a garden designer with roots as a gardener. This gives me the ability to really analyze your garden, literally, from the ground up. Not only can I design the garden of your dreams, I can tell you how to plant it, nurture it, grow it, beautifully, because I know what it takes to make this happen. I’ve been there.
I have a long history as a gardener, and joined this experience with my formal training, earning a Masters Degree in Landscape Design from Columbia University. I am a member of the Association for Professional Landscape Designers and of the Association for Garden Communicators.
Different than other designers, I look at the garden and the gardening in a holistic way. I believe healthy gardens help make healthy people.
I believe healthy people want to spend time outdoors in their gardens, tending plants naturally, without chemicals, using good plant choices and habits to maintain garden health and balance.
There is also a spiritual aspect to the garden that helps us connect to our natural world while feeding us in mind, body and spirit..
Creation is all around us from the tiniest bee we see pollinating plants to the height of the tallest oak in the garden to the miracle of the unseen in the living soil.
I believe all gardens are community gardens, tending a garden in a healthy way contributes to a healthier community outside your garden gate. To find out more
My Garden
It’s about growing beautiful…
When we bought our home about ten years ago, I had hoped to save what I could see were remnants of what had been a very beautiful garden, full of old roses. Sadly, too much space sat between that gardener and me allowing the garden to be full of weeds, a real mess so I hired a bulldozer to clear it and started over. To say I have a love affair with my garden would be a truthful statement. I’ve planted twenty-two trees, hundreds of shrubs and perennials, and we installed a stone walkway ourselves. With the exception of the patio and the fence, we’ve done everything ourselves. Of course it was a great deal of work, but it was joyful at the same time and thoroughly rewarding. In 2016, I became a very proud recipient of the “Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Garden of Distinction Award.”
There are many reasons to want to have a garden—color, flowers, year-long interest, fresh fruits and vegetables, good health. Even just to be in the outdoors. Physical work is good work, and can be done at any age, as long as you maintain good practices and feel that you can.
A garden is different, I think than a “landscape:” a garden connotes a participation in the creation and design of the space, a chance to capture the spirit of the space. It also involves caring very deeply for what goes into—and what is used—in the garden, in the earth. It is also about how to manage the garden, tend it, nurture it. Along the way, we are nurturing ourselves. Healthy, after all, is beautiful, too.
I want to share my love and passion for the garden with people who are as excited about the garden as I am, and who want to learn more, with DIY home-owner gardeners, or with any one who really wants to create their most beautiful garden possible.