Work With Me

My main work as a designer is really problem-solving in outdoor spaces. This includes which plants to select, what construction materials to use, how best to both organize and utilize the space for your needs.

  • Garden Services

    Garden Services

    from tool to tree..

    This covers a wide range of skills. From consultancy about current gardens to creating center pieces that are perfect for your space. Sometimes just having the right tools is all you'll need to flourish.

  • Design Consultation

    Design Consultation

    growing your dream space..

    I absolutely revel in this area and can really be myself with you. Creating, designing and planning your dream garden space as an extension of your lifestyle truly is what I love doing AND what I'm best at.

  • Classes


    Learn More About It

    Join my amazing online classes designed specifically to help new and want-to-be- gardeners have a healthy hobby in gardening. All this while enhancing the beauty of your home. You'll be the envy of the neighborhood!