The Amazing Tower Garden

Not everyone has the space or ability to have a soil garden, so the amazing Tower Garden really is just that.. Amazing! It allows many more people to experience the benefits of truly healthy food in a way that is clean, simple and varied.

I feel very passionately that gardens bring so much value to our lives—with what we can grow to appreciate in a beautiful flower, and what we can grow to nourish our bodies.

Here are some of the reasons why I think this is such a great product:

  • I love knowing exactly where my food comes from and how it has been handled and prepared every step of the way.
  • Easy care! No soil-born pests or diseases will influence the crops.
  • Easy washing. As the plants don’t house grit from the soil.
  • Never having to buy any greens from the shops again.
  • The Tower Garden is so compact and easy to maintain it will go just about anywhere you need it to.
  • Unique varieties possible. I am not restricted to what the grocer has available to me. The arugula was especially delicious.
  • As “empty-nesters,” we appreciate picking just what we need with no waste. I clipped a bowl of greens for salad and we ate it right then. If we want more tomorrow, I can clip again. It doesn’t get any fresher than that. Greens for breakfast drinks. I can go out to the tower and clip off a handful enough for my smoothie.
  • Rabbits won’t eat your greens! Despite having a dog, the bunnies still lay a nest in the lawn a few times a year. Greens being their favorite food, I could never grown any. Since owning the Tower Garden I have grown a variety of wonderful salad greens and broccoli rabe. The flavors were the best I have ever had. Truly.
  • No bending for harvests. Waist-high picking and tending is such a refreshing change of pace, even for the avid gardener I am.

towerGardenSo what next I hear you ask. Well that’s simple, click on the Tower Garden image >>> or the Buy Now button and on that page click “add to cart” and follow the steps. You’ll be eating your very own, favorite, home-grown, 100% healthy salads in no time at all!