It’s hard to believe this is my 100th newsletter/blog. Thank you all for reading my musings each week for nearly two years and for your compliments on the writing and the content; it’s nice to be able to share my garden stories and the things I’ve learned along the way. Thank you, too, for stopping by the market stands and the studio to visit and shop, or taking my classes. I especially love to see photos from your gardens, to hear about what you are trying and doing in your respective patches of green.

This mild weather allowed me the chance to do a bit more clean-up in the garden than I was able to do before my surgery, now that I have medical clearance to do this again (with care.) I could tell the surgeon knew I was chomping at the bit to get back in action, so he did tell me to be moderate. I do try. Sometimes. I still have things to cut back that were not yet dormant in November because we didn’t have a hard freeze; I think the garden now looks untidy which I don’t like. But, if the mild weather continues, I’ll be able to pick away at it. I am most disturbed by the bumper crop of chickweed. It is easy to hoe out or pull out, so in the weed-scheme of things it’s not a tragedy. Still, maybe Frank can send out some hens on consignment. Everyone wins and Katie can watch from the window.

While I’m wishing for a business called “Hens for Hire” to get up and running, here are some other garden wishes in case any entrepreneurs are reading:
1. Chickens not in the cards? How about a robotic weeding machine–like the robotic vacuum cleaner or pool cleaner. Programmable so it knows by foliage what are the weeds as the “eye” passes over it to avoid removing desirable ground cover;
2. Fragrant, repeat-blooming roses in a shrub form. Yellow would be nice. Disease resistant, of course. (I know, that is a TALL order;)
3. A perennial flowering vine that blooms beautifully in shade; an annual would work alright, I suppose. Throw in some good Autumn color;
4. Work pants with a study side pocket that can hold pruners. I don’t like holsters as it’s one more thing to wear and I think waist high is too high. Mid-thigh is the perfect place for the side pocket–right at fingertips;
5. While on the same work pants topic, slots for remove-able knee pads would be great, too. I hate having to move around a kneeling pad and they are generally too small. Annoying;
6. Silent lawn equipment (I’ll bet this is on your wish list, too;) BTW, noisy neighbor, while not running the yard equipment anymore, has replaced that sound with a dozen inflatable holiday lawn ornaments. I’ll bet if he hits a few after-Christmas sales he might find a few more to cover the remaining 200 square feet of lawn currently unadorned. More on these inflatable ornaments: someone up the street has one that is animated–it’s a Santa opening and closing the door of an outhouse–complete with crescent moon on the door. I have to admit, I did laugh out loud;
7. Some sort of spray that would encourage rabbits and deer to eat with relish plants like poison ivy, English Ivy, Crab Grass, Bamboo and any other invasive exotic;
8. Butterflies back in abundance finding their habitats restored;
9. Communities will expand their green spaces to include more native plant species to promote awareness of their value;
10. An organic, all-natural tonic that will simultaneously prevent sunburn and repel mosquitoes while tasting delicious and keeping gardeners well hydrated.

What would be on your garden wish-list? Please share it in the space below. And Merry Christmas! Cheers…

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