I dream of a big, green world, filled with lots of trees, blooming flowers, and organic vegetables.

Where everyone has at least a small patch of green in which to grow a garden.

Where children run in bare feet on lawns with their pets and teddies in tow.

Butterflies loft from flower to flower.

Where couples sit at the end of the day, enjoying a meal and a glass of wine, surrounded by the color and fragrance of a midsummer garden.

Sound like your garden?

Really... How does your garden grow? Be honest.

  • Does your landscape have the curb appeal you wish it had?
  • Do you fear spring garden activities because they seem overwhelming? Do you wish it was easier?
  • Are you concerned about using chemicals on your lawn and garden?
  • Would you like a vegetable garden and don't know how to get started?
  • Have weeds taken over? Or, are you clueless to which are the weeds?
  • Would you like to know how to best shop at a garden center? To get the best plants?
  • Do you know you want something better but just don’t know where to turn for your questions?

To top all that, where to go for help and advice? Or a class? There is the travel time—even if you can find one—head out after a long work day, or on the already over-packed weekends. And the need for a sitter...


“Let’s Grow!” On online gardening class designed with just your needs in mind!

A four-week online course you can take from home, while sitting wherever you are comfortable. Sipping your favorite beverage. In your jammies, even.

No driving on winter roads in traffic; no need to arrange a sitter or figuring out how to fit it to a specific night.

Learn around YOUR busy schedule.

And because I am a garden designer, you not only get solid, ready-to-practice advice, you will get it with an eye toward the aesthetic. Toward “Growing Beautiful.” You will learn with purpose and with a plan for the bigger picture in mind.

With this course, you will receive a year's worth of garden advice over a four week span, each week's lesson represents a season in the garden. We start with Winter Chapter in the week of February 24th, then progress through Spring, Summer and Autumn for the subsequent weeks.

Unlike wading through books and tons of online references,  I am offering a concise yet content-rich, highly applicable collection of tips and ideas culled from over 25 years of my own gardening experience. Direct and to the point. All of what you need to grow the garden of your dreams.

This course is best for new gardeners or for those who have some gardening experience and want to improve and head to the next step.

Try risk free! I am confident you will be delighted and even saying that, the cost of your course is full refundable until March 1, 2016. You have a chance to see what it's like--and I want you to love it, that's shy I'm offering the refund.

Put your green on and “Let’s Grow.”

Class has already started for 2016. If you would like more information for next year's class, please enter your name below and I'll reach out to you. Thank you!

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