Creating, designing and planning your dream garden space as an extention of your home and a reflection of your lifestyle truly is what I’m best at.

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Sometimes people think design is a luxury item. In reality, it is all about problem-solving and making good decisions and choices. Great design is about uniting beauty with function, each supporting the other.

Garden design differs from other design forms and construction in that plants are living things that change throughout the year, providing for us beauty in many forms. Since I entered design from a gardener’s perspective, my experience with plants and planting is extensive. I have my own garden where I trial plants to know how they will perform in your garden.

I believe in connections: design is also about making connections. We are invited into the garden and the garden reaches out into the community outside the gate. Birds, butterflies and other small creatures find habitat in our gardens. Our family, friends and neighbors come to enjoy our gardens; we share meals there. I believe that gardens and gardening are part of growing healthy people, healthy communities.

Services include:

  • Full and partial property garden design and maintenance support and management
  • Materials, furnishings and stone selection
  • Lighting Design
  • Container and terrace gardens
  • Installation services and support

I invite you to come, grow your garden with me.

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