“It’s all about growing beautiful..”

..let’s make plans.
I always want to start with a story.
From the time I was a little girl, I have loved the garden. This was because I spent a lot of time with my grandfather. I was born on his birthday–that began our special relationship. He loved to garden and since I wanted to be with him, that’s what I did, too.  On nice summer days, I would follow him out to his veggie patch where he would pick loads of peppers, tomatoes and squash. He would pick a few flowers to put in a vase for my grandmother. Once back inside, he would sit me on the counter where I would swing my little red canvas Keds back and forth while he washed and sliced some green pepper for me. I will never forget that bright, grassy green taste.
I want to share my love and passion for the garden with as many people as I can.  From what I see, many people make their garden and landscape work more difficult than it needs to be–because they just don’t know what plants are the best for their spaces, how and where to shop for them, the right tools and products to use, and how to get the most beauty, the best value, for their money.
My experience as a gardener makes me a better designer because I know first-hand how plants are going to perform, what works well in the garden and what doesn’t. I know what are the easiest ways to do things–which usually leads to good economy–of time and money resources. This is extremely valuable for my clients who want to do the gardening work themselves; it is also valuable for my clients who need to know HOW to supervise the crew who might be doing the garden work for them after a new design is installed.
I also know that healthy gardens help make healthy people, a healthier community, a healthier world. That simple solutions in the garden are often the healthiest–and the most beautiful.
Together we will create not only a design plan, but a plan for the garden care so it can keep on looking beautiful.
Tell me you garden story…
Together we will answer these questions and more:
Will everything be installed at once or over time?
Play space and lawn for children and sports?
Older family members who need accommodation?
Are there plans for construction on the residence?
What does the garden need to provide?
Cooking & Entertaining?
Quiet areas?
A way to incorporate edibles?

“I will help you see your garden and its many possibilities in a whole new way”

My main work as a designer is really problem-solving in outdoor spaces. This includes which plants to select, what construction materials to use, how best to both organize and utilize the space for your needs.

I have a life-long passion for the garden that let me to pursue professional training including a Master’s Degree in Landscape Design from Columbia University. I am an member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) and newsletter editor of the New Jersey Chapter.  To keep current on skills and design trends I attend workshops and seminars at Longwood Gardens, Scott Arboretum and through the design association. I teach classes and workshops both in my studio and in several places throughout the Delaware Valley. I also offer an online gardening class once a year–usually in February.  Classes are noted on my website under events, on my Facebook page, and through my newsletter. I am also a frequent contributor to our local newspaper, “The Heights Report” on garden-related topics.

This website, along with my free email newsletter, “good morning in the garden,” and my blog, are filled with photos, design work, tips, ideas, projects, recommended vendors–everything garden and that inspires and embraces a garden lifestyle.

Insight into my classes!

“At the recent Camden County Women’s Health Conference, I presented two sessions of a workshop called, “Jersey Girls Grow it in the Garden State–How Healthy Gardens Make Healthy People and a Healthy World.” Both workshops were to sold-out audiences. Topics included best and healthiest garden practices, tool tips, and great plants that provide long-season beauty and are also easy-care. It was a really fun day and I hope to participate in this conference again next year. Here is a short video presentation from the hour-long workshop.”

Check out my own garden–Haddon Heights Library Tour Benefit.


“Drop me a line; I’d love to hear from you!”
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